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Pinup girls graced the posters popular in the 1950′s and represented every man’s dream of the perfect woman. These images were on calendars, lockers of high school boys, bunkers of soldiers far away from home and many other little hideaways.







The pinup girl culture was made wildly famous by Bettie May Page, an American 1950s model and a bona fide pop culture icon. Her career spanned a number of years as a popular pinup and fetish model. Consequently, she has been dubbed the ‘Queen of Pinups.’ Other famous pinup faces included Barbara Payton, Marilyn Monroe, Brigitte Bardot a number of others.  (Bettie Page, below)





Pin up girl makeup is without a doubt, a classic art form. This look exuded femininity and seductiveness but still had an air of playful innocence.

The easiest way to channel the pinup look in modern times is typically by way of cat-like eyeliner, pale skin, bold lips and thick, undulating hair waves. A red, pillowy pout smacks of sensuality: Make bright lipstick and liner last by first applying foundation and translucent powder to bare lips, and then create a rounded or pointed cupid’s bow with lip liner (add definition by drawing just outside the lines with a flesh-toned concealer pencil).


Select a snow-white or gold shadow for the lid, and rim the top and bottom lashes with black liquid liner, extended a few millimeters beyond the outer corners. Add dimension with a dark shadow applied in the crease and blend well with a contouring eye shadow brush. A brow pencil a few shades darker than your natural hair will make your arches appear more defined. Brow stencils can be used to help you create symmetry.


The pinup look tended to favor a paler, more powdery finish for the skin. A strategically placed faux mole under the eye or adjacent to the lips lends a sultry, sensual touch. A heavier foundation will help you achieve this look and you can forgo bronzer for a pressed translucent powder.


Be inspired by the 1950s pinup girl. Here is a tutorial video that takes you through the various steps of achieving this uber glamorous look!


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